The Emperors in their Domain,
Part III.

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#1. Converts

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Tom Arnold "Arnold, who had Jewish ancestors named Cohen on his maternal grandfather’s side, converted to Judaism upon marrying Roseanne Barr. In a April 2009 interview on Anytime with Bob Kushell Arnold discussed how when he divorced Barr, he did not take any alimony."

Tom Arnold
Carroll Baker U.S. actress (1931-)

Baby Doll's second marriage was to director Jack Garfein, a Holocaust survivor she met at the Studio and for whom she converted to Judaism. They had a daughter and a son. Garfein and Baker divorced in 1969.
Caroll Baker
Elizabeth Banks In, 2003, Banks married Max Handelman, who had been her boyfriend since college. She converted to Judaism upon marrying him Elizabeth Banks
Polly Bergen Nellie Paulina Burg

(1930) Bergen converted to Judaism after marrying Hollywood talent agent Freddie Fields, by whom she had one biological child and two adopted children.

She had been a Southern Baptist; a grandfather was a Baptist minister. 

Bergen payed opposite Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear (1962)
Sarah Brown (1975) Brown plays Claudia on General Hospital

Brown is a practicing convert to Judaism.She has one daughter, Jordan Alexandra Judith (b. July 20, 1998); the father is Brown's ex-fiancé, Israel composer Shuki Levy (a former executive producer on VR Troopers and the Power Rangers franchise).
Kate Capshaw Kathleen Sue Nail (1953-)

played Willie Scott in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

converted before marrying Steven Spielberg in 1991
Kate Capshaw
Nell Carter Nell Ruth Hardy (1948-2003)

Singer and actress

She married mathematician and lumber executive George Krynicki, and converted from Catholicism to Judaism in 1982.

She attempted suicide in the early 1980s, and entered a drug detoxification facility around 1985.

Nell Carter
JuJu Chang (1965) ABC news reporter who married Neal Shapiro and converted. juju chang
Connie Chung Constance Yu-Hwa "Connie" Chung Povich (1946- ) converted after marrying Maury Povich. connie chung
Jim Croce

Soft-rock singer-songwriter with the hits, "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," both telling the same storu.

While he was judging a hootenanny, Croce met one Ingrid Jacobson, then married her and converted to Judaism.
jim croce
Sammy Davis, Jr After the 1954 accident which left him hospitalized and gave him a glass eye, "his friend Eddie Cantor told him about the similarities between Jewish and black cultures. The endurance of the Jews intrigued him: "The Jews would not die. Three millennia of prophetic teaching had given them an unwavering spirit of resignation and had created in them a will to live which no disaster could crush".

Wikipedia on his fascination with white women.
Sammy Davis Jr
Jeanna Fine (???) Jewish Porn Actress listed by Luke Ford

NCW, which says that "Fine" is a stage name, but her real name is not given.

Born Angel Gauthier (1964) -- Jeanna Fine's site bio

CONERT:"After her relationship with Sikki Nixx dissolved, she fell in love with Jim Bernstien, a Jewish man, and converted to Judaism. They married in 1993, and in 1994, her son Braxton Zachary was born." -- Ebay

CONVERT: "Jeanna Fine, born Jennifer Payson, was not born of a Jewish family, but she did later convert to Judaism in 1992, after one of her marraiges." - vintage erotica forum.
Jeanna Fine
Isla Fisher Isla Lang Fisher (1976)

Australian actress, model and author

Fisher, who was raised without religion, converted to Judaism after three years of study, in advance of her marriage to Baron Cohen.
Isla Fisher
Luke Ford (1966-) "writer, blogger, and former pornography gossip columnist known for his salacious disclosures and traditionalist Jewish religious views ... He has been asked to leave at least two different congregations." luke ford
Scott Glenn In 1967, Glenn married Carol Schwartz and converted for her.  
Mary Hart (1950 ) American former actress and television personality (Entertainment Tonight) . mary hart
Anthony Heald (1944) American TV and stage actor
Heald lives in Ashland, Oregon, where he regularly performs in productions of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and lives with his wife Robin and daughter, Zoe. During the 2010 season, Heald, who is Jewish (having converted to Judaism), played Shylock in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.
Henry Hill FBI informant  
Monica Horan (1963-) American television actress on Everybody Loves Raymond who married the show's producer, Philip Rosenthal, and converted to his Judaism.  
Jethro priest of Midian, father of Zipporah, and father-in-law of Moses

Moses's father-in-law is variously named as Jethro, Reuel, and Hobab.
Carolyn Jones (1930 — 1983) American actress who played Morticia Addams in the TV series, The Addams Family.

She converted to Judaism for her marriage (1953-1963) to Aaron Spelling.

Along with Kevin McCarthy, she played in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956).
Carolyn Jones
Felicity Kendal (1946-) British TV and stage actress  
Mathilde Krim AIDS researcher and educator, founder of amFAR, a favorite Hollywood charity  
Lisa Landry stand-up comedienne  
Robert Lansing Robert Howell Brown (1928-1994)

Older Wikipedia: | Converts to Judaism |


Confirmed at [All Experts]
Robert Lansing with Mariette Hartley
Anne Meara Meara was raised Catholic, but converted to Judaism six years after marrying Jerry Stiller, not at Stiller's request, but because "Catholicism was dead to me", compared to the "lively" character of Jewish culture. Her Jewish-born husband quipped, "Being married to Anne has made me more Jewish."  
Adah Isaacs Menken (1835-1868) stage actress, born Adah Bertha Theodore [Converts to Judaism]  
Marilyn Monroe | Blackface Performers | marilyn and arthur
Martha Nussbaum (1947-) philosopher

"I don't like anything that sets itself up as an in-group or an elite, whether it is the Bloomsbury group or Derrida."
From her negative review [of Alan Bloom's book], which made her famous: "How good a philosopher, then, is Allan Bloom? The answer is, we cannot say, and we are given no reason to think him one at all."
martha nussbaum
Eleanor Parker Eleanor Jean Parker (born 1922) is an American film and television actress.

She is not Elizabeth Perkins
Eleanor Parker
Lorna Patterson   Lorna Patterson
Rebecca Pidgeon (1965-) Scottish actress and singer-songwriter who married David Mamet in 1991 and converted for him. rebecca
Jacqueline du Pré (1945-1987) a British cellist, who developed a much-praised interpretation of Elgar's Cello Concerto in E Minor."

"Jacqueline du Pré met pianist Daniel Barenboim in 1966. Shortly after the Six-Day War ended, she cancelled all her existing engagements (annoying her promoters), and they flew to Jerusalem. She converted to Judaism overnight, and they were married in 1967 at the Western Wall."
jacqueliknedu pre and her davidoff
Helen Reddy (1941-) Australian singer-songwriter and actress famous for I Am Woman (1972).  
Roger Rees (1944-) Welsh actor on the American TV sitcom Cheers [NCW]  
Debbie Rowe (1958-) a convert to Judaism, she is the biological mother of Michael Jackson's children. She gave up all parental rights to them, but then sought to reinstate them when she learned of the Jackson family's ties to the Nation of Islam.  
Jackie Sandler Jacqueline Samantha Titone (1974), an actress/model, married Adam Sandler in 2003.  
Jean-Paul Sartre "Jean-Paul Sartre was an influential French existentialist philosopher, dramatist, novelist and critic. His religious beliefs and influences varied over the course of his life. He was a Luthrean, Freudian, Marxist and a militant atheist . Toward the end of this life he embraced messianic Judaism ." --

More on JP's Judeo-conversion, rationalized by his love of "revolution"
jean-paul sartre
Norma Shearer (1902-1983) [Mrs. Irving Thalberg, 1927-1936]

"I don’t get it," Joan Crawford said, upon learning of Norma's campaign to become Mrs. Thalberg. "She's cross-eyed, knock-kneed, and she can’t act worth a damn. What does he see in her?"

Norma says: "It is impossible to get anything major accomplished without stepping on some toes. Enemies are inevitable when one is a ‘doer’."
Norma Shearer
Margo Stilley
(1983) American film actress (9 Songs)
"She portrayed Lisa in the controversial 2004 British film 9 Songs, directed by Michael Winterbottom. According to the Guardian, 9 Songs was the most sexually explicit mainstream film to date, largely because it includes several scenes of real sexual acts between the two lead actors."
Margo Stilley
Elizabeth Taylor   actress (upon marrying Eddie Fisher)  
Ivanka Trump
"In July 2009, after studying with Rabbi Elie Weinstock from Ramaz School, Trump converted from Catholicism to Judaism, and took the name Yael. The beth din that converted her included Rabbi Haskel Lookstein. On October 25, 2009 she married Jared Kushner, owner of The New York Observer."
ivanka trump
Ike Turner (1931-2007) "Ike converted to Judaism in 1994." ike turner
Grace Lee Whitney (1930), born Mary Ann Chase, adopted by the Whitneys

actress who portrayed Yeoman Rand on 'Star Trek'
grace lee whitney

Jackie Wilson

Taking the title from the Louis Jordan song Reet, Petite and Gone, "Reet Petite (The Sweetest Girl in Town)" was Jackie Wilson's first recording as a solo artist.

Jackie Wilson
Mare Winningham
  Mare Winningham
Nikki Ziering
American actress and model, born 1971, she converted for marriage to Ian Ziering and remained Jewish after divorce Nikki Ziering
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#2. Adopted

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Andrew Breitbart (1969-) Adopted by a Jewish father and convert mother. He had a Bar Mitzvah. He married Susie Bean, daughter of comedian Orson Bean.

A colleague of Matt Drudge, once a researcher for Ariana Huffington, he breaks original news stories at his empire of sites.
big hollywood
Singer and Dancer Barbara Cowan Crane's Gilford Experiment
With comedian Paul Gilbert
(Ed/Paul MacMahon - died 1975)
With Paul Gilbert
second child
With Harold Abeles
third child
originally, Sara Rebecca Abeles. she changed her surname to Gilbert to become an actress in 1984.

Sara Gilbert
[NCW] Lesbian actors| JUF |
Bruce Vilanch (1948-) comic writer adopted by Jewish parents

| Gay actors | Gay writers | Bear (gay culture) |
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#3. Baseless Rumors

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F. Murray Abraham   Lebanese  
Malin Akerman   (1978)

Stiller's blond bitch shiksa wife is played by Malin Akerman. And boy, does she have it down pat. The shiksa part, that is. Although... Akerman? Could it be? After all, we've seen our share of blond Jews masquerade as goyim on the screen. Nope... not a Jew. Swedish. Not exactly a surprise. -- JewOrNotJew.
Eddie Albert Edward Albert Heimberger (1906-2005)

"8.01.2005: just received this in the mail... - You need to do your research buddie. Eddie Alberts name IS Edward Albert Heimberger and he and all the Heimberger's I know are Christian. Protestant to be exact. He is my third cousin. His father and my grandfather were first cousins. If you had a last name like Heimberger, you'd shorten your stage name too!" -- Jewish Stars Over Hollywood, Yahoo Grupas Espana.
Alan Alda      
Buzz Aldrin   ()

Fantastic Claim: JewWatch Logo "former US astronaut"

Aldrin is a Presbyterian, who made statements about God and performed a DIY Communion on the surface of the moon.
Fred Allen John Florence Sullivan. (1894-1966)

Claim: JewWatchLogo" Fred Allen (Fischel Lebowitz) [This claim has to be a JOKE on the part of Jew Watch.]

Born in Massachusetts to Irish Catholic parents

He "was an American comedian whose absurdist, topically pointed radio show (1932–1949) made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the so-called classic era of American radio."
fred allen
June Allyson Ella Geisman. (1917-2006)

Claim: JewWatchLogo “Ella Geisman, actress”

Allyson says that her last name was originally "Van Geisman", of Dutch origin.
Pamela Anderson   (1967)

Claim: JewWatchLogo "Playboy model (born Joan Goldstein)"

false: Canadian of Finnish descent

NOT JEWISH - Vince Vega Unleashed.
Pamela Anderson
Jennifer Aniston   (1969) won awards for playing Rachel Green, a crypto-Jewish character, in the television sitcom Friends." x
Kenny Aronoff   (1953) drummer [ The Jew List ] [NCW]  
Judie Aronson   (???) Actress whose career (1983-2006) is apparently over, although she is still alive.

For Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984), filmed at a lake, she got hypothermia from exposure during her nude scene. [NCW]
judie aronson
Lenny Baker   (1945-1982) actor [NCW]  
Josiane Balasko Josiane Balašković (1950) Actress, Roman Polanski's The Tenant (1976) [NCW]  
Christopher Barron   () lead singer of the Spin Doctors. []  
Jason Bateman   (1969)

ChaCha says: "Yes, Jason Bateman is Jewish. Bateman was born in Rye, New York. ChaCha!" [NCW]
Justine Bateman

Wikipedia once listed Justine in Converts to Christianity, but now has both siblings as Maltese Americans. [NCW]
Jeff Beck   (1944) Guitarist

Claim: JewWatchLogo "guitarist" [Jews in Music]
Pat Benatar Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
(1953) Her famous songs are heavy with the martial imagery:

  • "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" [cf. Carole King "He Hit Me"]
  • “Heartbreaker”
  • “Love is a Battlefield”
  • "Invincible"
joan jett
linda ronstadt

| LIST (24 March 2010) BUT NOT CURRENT| [NCW]
[ "Kol Ishah: Jewish Chicks Rock" ] [ kgb answers ]

pat benatar
Caprice Benedetti   "She went to Saint Benedict's school in Seattle, Washington during her elementary years. She was discovered at the Northgate Mall." Caprice Benedetti
Maurice Bénichou   (1943-) Algerian-born French actor [NCW]  
H Jon Benjamin   (1946-) voice actor [NCW]  
Jill Bennett   (1975-) American actress [NCW]  
Lorne Berfield   older brother of Justin  
Steven Berkoff   (1937) Leslie Steven Berks, a British actor who plays villains.|  
Felix Bernard   (1897-1944) Felix Bernhardt, wrote music for Winter Wonderland [NCW]  
Jello Biafra   (1958) French-American singer, lead for the Dead Kennedys.

Wikipedia is schizophrenic about him.
| LIST (24 March 2010) |
| NOT CURRENT | LIST of Jewish-American Entertainers |

NOT JEWISH - Vince Vega Unleashed.
jello biafra [wiki]
Jason Biggs   (1978)
From American Pie fame, actor Jason Biggs is not Jewish. He has joked in interviews about the fact that he is often cast as an explicitly or implicitly Jewish character. What makes them Jewish? Because they are nerdy. Hey -- should we take offense to that? Well not to worry, Jason spent some time in Israel and is reported to be a supporter of the Jewish State, and also played an Orthodox Jew in an off Broadway play called Modern Orthodox. That's about as Jewish as a non-Jewish person can get! -- Jewlarious.
Mike Binder   (1958-) actor, screenwriter, stand-up comedian,
[Also a Movie Director] | LIST |[All Experts]
Roy Bittan   [See Max Weinberg.] [NCW] Source: Jeffrey Goldberg.  
Cate Blanchett   (1969)  
Dan Blocker   ()

Claim: JewWatchLogo
Orlando Bloom   (1977) Jewish step-father
"During his childhood, Bloom was told that his father was his mother's husband, South African-born Jewish anti-Apartheid novelist Harry Saul Bloom; but when he was thirteen (after Harry's death), Bloom's mother revealed to him that his biological father was actually Colin Stone, his mother's partner and family friend."
Richard Boone   ()

Claim: NationMaster: "US actor (Jewish mother)" star of TV series Have Gun – Will Travel.

Ernest Borgnine   (1917-)

Claim: JewWatchLogo "Effron Borgnine"

[Ernest Borgnine is NOT Eli Wallach.]
David Bowie David Robert Haywood-Jones ()

Claim: Agudas Israel Synagogue (NC): "David Bowie's mother is Jewish, his father is not. One of Bowie's album covers discusses his Jewish ancestry. His real name: David Stenton Haywood-Jones."


There's some rumormongering about a Jewish mother out there, but nothing beyond the usual baseless Internet whispers.

We learned a lot in college. Most of which we forgot as soon as we left its hallowed halls. But Rip Torn's bare ass, man, that's an image that just never goes away. Dammit.

Verdict: Not a Jew. -- JewOrNotJew
David Bowie
Bruce Boxleitner   (1950) actor and writer of science fiction and suspense

Claim: JewWatchLogo
Lorraine Bracco   (1954)
Claim: JewWatchLogo

Claim: Half Jewish and half Italian - Vince Vega Unleashed.

lorraine bracco
Tracey E. Bregman   (1963) American soap opera actress [NCW]  
Charles Bronson Charles Dennis Buchinsky (1921-2003)

Claim: JewWatchLogo

Ukranian/Lithuanian - NOT JEWISH - Vince Vega Unleashed.
Gary Brooker   (1943-) lyricist and lead vocalist for Procol Harum, which he founded with his friend, guitarist Robin Trower.

Claimed Jewish by "Jewish Rockers" at live journal. [NCW]
[ Vince Vega Unleashed ]
Arnold Brown   (???) Scottish comedian of alternative comedy in the 1980s  
Horst Werner Buchholz   (1933–2003)

Claim: JewWatchLogo"German actor, one of The Magnificent Seven."

His father's family were originally named Rosenholz when they arrived in Germany in 1903.

His wife, French actress Myriam Bru (1932-), had a Jewish father who "was killed by the Nazis in camp Auschwitz-Birkenau."
Horst Buchholz
Sandra Bullock   ()

Claim: JewWatch Logo "actress [Jewish?]"

Gentile Alliance: "Sandra Bullock (father American serviceman, mother German, speaks fluent German and is not Jewish)"

Vince Vega Unleashed has the same wording as Gentile Alliance.
Brooke Burns   (1978-) American actress on Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii

Jewish according to cbs2 Chicago slideshow – Dec 2008

[Perhaps she is confused with Brooke Burke.]

| American Christians |
broke burns
David Buskin   (1943) jingle writer [NCW] [ Great Jewish Rock Stars ]  
Yul Brynner   (1920-1985) Russian-born American actor who died on the same day as Orson Welles.

Claim: JewWatchLogo "definitely Jewish sceen actor"
yul brynner
Lacey Chabert   (1982) Actress and voice actress

Claim: JewWatchLogo ["actress on Party of Five"]

Wikipedia: American Christians

Lacey Chabert
Charlie Chaplin   See Wheeler Dryden.  
Cyd Charisse Tula Ellice Finklea (1921-2008)

Born in Amarillo, Texas, the daughter of Lela (née Norwood) and Ernest Enos Finklea, Sr., a jeweler.

Her nickname "Sid" comes from a sibling trying to say "Sis". (It was later spelled "Cyd" at MGM to give her an air of mystery.)

She was married to Nico Charisse from 1939 to 1947

Her eBay actor listing: "She is often thought to be, and incorrectly described as, Jewish, possibly because of her birthname – although she is in fact not Jewish at all; however, her husband, Tony Martin, is Jewish."
Maksim Chmerkovskiy   (1980) dancer [JUF] [NCW]  
Lynn Cohen   (???) American actress [JUF][NCW]  
Matt Cohen   (1982) American actor [JUF]  | LIST |
Joe Cocker   (1944)

Claim: JewWatchLogo "Famous Singer, Israeli/German"
joe cocker
Sam Costa   (1910-1981) voice actor [NCW]  
Lindsay Crouse   Lindsay Ann Crouse (1948)

married David Mamet in 1977; they had two children and divorced. She's a Buddhist who holds Buddhist events at her house. [NCW]
Robert Crumb   (1943) Claim: JewWatchLogo "s/s cultural cartoonist"

Denied by his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky, in Heeb Magazine.
You thought Robert was Jewish when you first met him.
I had read Robert’s work before I met him and I thought he was Jewish because he’s just so whiny. He’s such a kvetch. I grew up going to the Borscht Belt hotels in the Catskills and hearing famous Jewish comedians like Joey Bishop and Alan King and Jackie Mason;I was really familiar with that anecdotal, self-deprecating humor. So when I saw Robert’s comics, I thought, here is Jewish humor at its best. I assumed that Crumb was a name he made up for comics and his real name was Crumberg or something. When my grandparents met him, he wore a white shirt, a sports coat and a hat so they thought he was a rabbinical student. When we finally told them the truth, they were really disappointed. My grandmother tried to get him to convert for years. Robert seems to be somewhat of a Jewophile because I’m his second Jewish wife. He actually comes from a big, Minnesota farm family and they’re as white as can be. I think they came over on the Mayflower or something.
Arlene Dahl   (1928)

Claim: JewWatchLogo

Arlene Dahl was of Norwegian descent. She was both a mystery guest and a panelist on the TV Game show "What's My Line".

Husband 1: Lex Barker

Husband 2: Fernando Lamas by whom she had a son, Lorenzo Lamas.
arlene dahl
Glenn Danzig Glenn Anzalone (1955-) musician, founded The Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig

In the "No publicity is bad publicity" department:
"Glenn Danzig, spewing hatred for Jesus Christ, proudly designed a logo for the band — a demon strangling Jesus Christ with blood gushing from Jesus' eyes! One song is "Serpent Jesus, Snakes of Christ." In the album, Danzig II — Lucifuge (1990), Glenn wears the demonic upside-down cross, with the words of John 8:44 brazenly above him, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do." -- jesus-is-savior
But, on the upside-down cross, see "8 historic symbols that mean the opposite of what you think" at

| LIST (24 March 2010) |

[NCW] Born Glenn Allen Anzalone in Lodi, New Jersey, the third of four sonsborn to a Protestant family of Italian, German, and Scottish heritage. His father was a television repairman and a former United States Marine Corps veteran of World War II and the Korean War.
glenn danzig
Ann B. Davis   (1926-) The Bob Cummings Show [NCW]

Jewish according to Radio Islam, Episcopalian says Wikipedia.
Geena Davis   (1956)

Claim: JewWatchLogo "Actress" and Radio Islam.
Richard Dawson Colin Lionel Emm

Family Feud
richard dawson
Gary Dell'Abate   (1961) Gary Patrick Angelo Dell'Abate

Claim: Jew Watch ["Howard Stern's Producer (Baba Booey!)"]

Wikipedia: American people of Italian descent
Robert De Niro   ()

Claim: Jew Watch Logo "Robert DeNero Actor [Jewish Mother]"

Claim: Agudas Israel Synagogue (NC): "Robert DeNiro's mother is Jewish; his father is not."

"The DeNiro story began 20 years ago when a respected Jewish columnist said DeNiro's mother was Jewish in a book. The columnist told me that he regrets starting the story and that DeNiro recently told him in a face-to-face conversation that his late mother was not Jewish (she was Protestant)." - vnnforum.
Barry Dennen   (1938-) helped then girlfriend, Barbra Streisand, create her nightclub act. [All Experts] [NCW]  
Joyce Dewitt   Janet Wood on Three's Company  
King Diamond Kim Bindix Peterson (1956) Danish singer for Mercyful Fate as well as his solo outings. "known for his extensive vocal range, in particular his usage of falsetto. "

Now lives in Texas

Geraldo Rivera did a report on him which caused some controversy.

king diamondx
[william wilson from milano, italy at wiki]
Edward Eliscu   (1902-1998) Lyricist [NCW]
  • "Ankle Up the Altar"
  • "You Forgot Your Gloves"
  • "They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree"
Ray Ellin   (???) stand-up comedian [NCW]  
Joe Elliott   (1959-) Joseph Thomas Elliott

Claim: g "Joe Elliot - Def Leppard lead singer"

Roky Erickson   (1947)

singer, songwriter, harmonica player, guitarist and founding member of the 13th Floor Elevators who was a "pioneer of the psychedelic rock genre", as well as a solo artist.

"Easter Everywhere" (1967) is Protopunk.

| LIST (24 March 2010) |
roky erickson
From "plain or pan""outdated music for outdated people"]
Max Ernst   (1891-1976)

| Artist |
Josh Flitter   (1994) American child actor [NCW]  
Joe Francis   (1973) Wildly successful in getting drunken shiksas to disrobe for his cameras. Attended a Catholic high school.

[Vic Vega Unleashed]
Peter Gallagher
  (1955-) He is of Irish Catholic background.

From 2003 to 2007, Gallagher starred as Sandy Cohen, a Jewish public defender and corporate lawyer, on the Fox television show The O.C., a show which has introduced him to a whole new generation of TV viewers.
Peter Gallagher
Judy Garland   (1922-1969) Frances Ethel Gumm  
Mitzi Gaynor Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber (1931-)

Claim: g "Actress, Dancer, Singer"
Mitzi Gaynor
Richard Gere   ()

Claim by g

NY Post
Is Richard Gere Jewish?
Lou Lumenick on April 8, 2007

[The only source for Gere being Jewish that my librarian could find] was this sentence in a 2005 article in The Vancouver Sun: "… some sources say Gere was born Jewish and raised Methodist before his right turn into Buddhism.'' Some sources? [One reader] scoured the Internet and found this in an interview Gere gave to The Cinema Source to promote Bee Season:
"My father was always really close to the Methodist Church and my mother was a Presbyterian,” Gere recalls. “We went to Methodist Churches growing up and there were certain rituals to be a Methodist. I remember the singing more than anything, the sense of joy and singing hymns in the atmosphere of people trying to engage that mysterious energy.”
That's good enough for me. [...]
masada 2000 toilet

This blazing reason does not faze the thinkers at masada2000 who know the truth about the nasty Jew, Richard Gere.
Gabby Glaser   one founder vocals, guitar) of alt rock group, Luscious Jackson, named after a basketball player, Lucious Jackson.
[NCW] [ Great Jewish Rock Stars ]
Jaime Gleicher   (1985) reality show starlet [NCW]  
Judith Godrèche   (1972) French actress (Godreche) [NCW]  
Robert Goulet   ()

Jew Watch Logo “Singer (Real name: Robert Applebaum)“

At his website, Robert Gerard Goulet explained how the rumor arose, and it's not a pretty story: After being interviewed by a reporter named Stanley Applebaum, Goulet headed outside for his limo amidst a throng of fans and photographers. When he heard a question called out, "Is Robert Goulet your real name?" he answered, "No, it's Stanley Applebaum."
[Entry-level irony often gets taken for an epistemic claim.]
Cary Grant Archibald Leach () Actor with the most famous SUSPICIOUS REAL NAME in movie history: Archibald Alexander Leach.

Claim: Agudas Israel Synagogue (NC): "Cary Grant's mother, Elsie, was Jewish. His father, Elias Leach, was not. (Robin Leach is his first cousin)."

Adherents has a discussion: He insinuated that he was Jewish, and he loved a mystery.

Nationmaster: "English actor (sometimes claimed to be half Jewish)"
Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief
Ellen Greene   (1951) [NCW]  
Andre Gregory   (1934)

[NCW] [CLAIMED at All Experts]

Theatre director and actor, born 1934, seen with Wallace Shawn in My Dinner with Andre
my dinner with andre
David Grisman   (1945) bluegrass mandolinist [NCW] [ Great Jewish Rock Stars ]  
Matt Groening   (1954)  
Anthony Haden-Guest   (1937) Anthony Haden-Guest, half-brother of Christopher Guest with a different mother
In response to a suggestion that Peter Fallow in the Tom Wolfe novel The Bonfire of the Vanities (1987) was based on British expatriate journalist Christopher Hitchens, Hitchens said that Haden-Guest was a more likely candidate. A website maintained by the University of Kent cites Haden-Guest as the inspiration for Fallow.
Mark Harelik   (1951-) American actor [NCW]  
Cynthia Harris   (1934-) TV actress [NCW] [ All Experts ]  
Phil Harris   (1904-1965) born "Wonga Phillip Harris,"
an American singer, songwriter, jazz musician, actor and comedian. Though successful as an orchestra leader, Harris is remembered today for his recordings as a vocalist, his voice work in animation and as a pioneer in radio situation comedy, first with Jack Benny, and then in a series in which he co-starred with his second wife, singer-actress Alice Faye, for eight years.
Roxanne Hart   (1952) soap opera actress-chicago hope [NCW]  
Rita Hayworth Rita Cansino ()

Claim: Jew Watch "Rita Cansino - Source: Debrett's Goes to Hollywood - Cansino Family Spanish"
rita hayworth
Paris Hilton   (1981-)

CLAIM: DEFUNCT judicial-inc, insinuates that she is Jewish, based on the fact that her great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton, was once married to Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Michael Hordern   (1911-1995) Knighted English Actor [NCW]  
Bob Hoskins   () In 1967, aged 25, Hoskins spent a short period of time in kibbutz Zikim in Israel (though he is not Jewish).  
Julio Iglesias   (1943) [fantasy] Spanish singer who has sold 300 million records.
He has claimed during a concert in Israel that his mother was Jewish, although he has no known jewish heritage on his mother's side, his maternal grandfather being a well-known Andalusian journalist.
Michael Jackson   (1934)

Claim: Jew Watch ["ABC Talk Radio Host"]
Jenna Jameson Jenna Marie Massoli (1974)

Claim: Jew Watch "porn star/mother teresa protege/wife of SQS"

jenna jameson
David Janssen David
Harold Meyer
(1931-1980) His father was a banker and his mother a Ziegfield Folliies girl. His parents divorced when he was an infant, and he took his stepfather's last name.

He lied on a studio questionaire, saying that his father was part jewish. -- david janssen net.

[NCW] [Havel's House of History] [ All Experts ]
david janssen
Norman Jewison   ()
Despite his surname and his fame for directing Fiddler on the Roof and The Statement, Norman Jewison is not Jewish. He was raised in a Protestant family. He told Robert Osborne in a TCM interview that, as a child, he was routinely teased by schoolmates because of what they assumed to be his religion. -- Wikipedia.
Jenny Jones   (1946)  
Frida Kahlo Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón (1907-1954)

Her father, Guillermo Kahlo (1871–1941), was born Carl Wilhelm Kahlo in Pforzheim, Germany, the son of Henriette Kaufmann and Jakob Heinrich Kahlo. While Frida herself maintained that her father was of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry,one set of researchers have established that Guillermo Kahlo's parents were not Jewish but Lutheran Germans. Carl Wilhelm Kahlo sailed to Mexico in 1891 at the age of nineteen and, upon his arrival, changed his German forename, Wilhelm, to its Spanish equivalent, 'Guillermo'.
John Karlen John Adam Karlewicz (1933-) character actor on ABC soap opera, Dark Shadows. [NCW]
Sally Kellerman   (1937-) [NCW] [Jewish according to Who's Dating Who] sally kellerman
[Alan Light at wiki]
Nicole Kidman   (1967) [father - "Roman Catholic/Jewish ancestry" - nndb ]

nndb is an outlier. Wikipedia and this vnnforum page :

Father, Anthony Kidman, is Scotch
Mother, Janelle MacNeille, is Irish Catholic,.

Grandfather, Sir Sidney Kidman (1857-1935) His wife was Isabel Brown Wright. They had three daughters and a son.

Great-granffather, George Kidman, and his wife, Elizabeth Mary Nunn.
Ben Kingsley Krishna Pandit Bhanji (1943) English actor

CLAIM: His maternal grandfather "was believed by the family to have been a Russian or German Jew." His father is of Indian descent.

[NOT F. Murray Abraham - Assyrian American f murray abraham

Wikipedia has removed his category | English Jews | So [NCW] Jew Or Not Jew Verdict: Barely a Jew.
Bob Kulick   (1950) guitarist who did studio work with Kiss and "the older brother of former Kiss lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, whom he suggested Kiss hire."

[ The Jew List ] [NCW]
Swoosie Kurtz   (1944-) "Swoosie" was a Flying Fortress - half swan, half goose - which her father piloted during World War II. [NCW]  
Lorenzo Lamas   (1958-) Lorenzo y de Santos Lamas

Father: Argentine actor Fernando Lamas

CLAIM: Jewish because his mother, Norwegian actress Arlene Dahl, is Jewish, but that is doubtful.

lorenzo lamas
Dorothy Lamour Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton (1914-1996)

Lamour was born in New Orleans to John Watson Slaton and Carmen Louise LaPorte; both of her parents were waiters.

Carmen later remarried Clarence Lambour, and Dorothy took his last name.

Claim: Jew Watch "Actress, real name is Dorothy Kaumeyer”

dorothy lamour
Audrey Landers Audrey Hamburg (1956) actress, Afton Cooper in the TV drama series Dallas [NCW]  
Robert 'Mutt' Lange   (1948)

A strict vegetarian and a follower of Sant Mat, Lange has not given an interview of any kind for decades, and prefers to live a secluded life, mainly in Switzerland. He is known for his endurance in the studio and innovations in multitrack recording.

Claim: Jew Watch "owner Flood/Mute records (Depeche Mode)"
David Lascher   (1972) actor [NCW]  
Cyndi Lauper   (1953-) 1980s singing sensation

YES: Jewish father - Jews in Music.
YES: (Jewish father/Sicilian mother) -- Vic Vega Unleashed.
NAY: "Nope" -- Fat Jewish Guy.
NAY: wikipedia [NCW]
Cloris Leachman   (1926-) Actress [NCW] Adherents |
Cloris Leachman sure has resurrected her career recently. She participated on "Dancing with the Stars", made out with Jack Black in a bring-out-the-stars episode of "The Office", and is now due to appear in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds". Playing a Jew, of course.

What else would you expect from a long-time Mel Brooks collaborator? Sure, Cloris did play a obvious non-Jew in "Young Frankenstein" (Frau Blucher — neigh), but she must be Jewish, right?

Wrong. She was born and raised in the goy fields of Iowa. But why not let Cloris speak for herself? "I'm not Jewish but they cast me that way a lot of the time," she says.

Well, that explains that.

Making out with Jack Black? We're still scratching our heads over that one.

Verdict: Not a Jew. -- JewOrNotJew.
Gypsy Rose Lee Rose Louise Hovick (1911-1970) striptease artist "whose 1957 memoir was made into the stage musical and film Gypsy."

Her sister was actress June Havoc (Ellen Evangeline Hovick), with whom she had a long time rivalry,

But the name, "Hovick," is probably the Americanized spelling of the Norwegian "Hovik."

She had an out-of-wedlock son by Otto Preminger
Donovan Leitch   (1946-) Scottish singer-songwriter

CLAIM: Jewish mother [Jews in music]

Children by Donovan & Linda Lawrence: Astrella Celeste and Oriole Nebula.

Donovan had two children, both actors, with his 1960s Jewish American girlfriend Enid Stulberger: Donovan Leitch, Jr. and Ione Skye.
Robert Lewis   (1909-1997) actor, a founder of the Actors Studio in New York City in 1937 [All Experts] [NCW]  
Dan Lilker   (1964) "bassist for the thrash metal band Nuclear Assault and a founding member of Anthrax with Scott Ian."

[ The Jew List ] [NCW]
LINKIN PARK   Brad Delson

Rob Bourdon
John Lurie   (1952) saxophonist, founder of jazz band, the Lounge Lizards, and painter of the primitivist school..
[NCW] [ Great Jewish Rock Stars ]
Ron Mael   (1945) keyboardist and songwriter for the pop duo, Sparks, known for his eccentric and retro appearance.  
Russell Mael   (1948) member of the pop duo, Sparks  
Karl Malden   (1912-2009)  
Sophie Marceau   Jew Watch "french actress Braveheart daughter of Marcel"

Wikipedia says she is no relation to Marcel Marceau.
sophie marceau
Garry Marshall

Penny Marshall

He played the casino manager in Lost in America (1985)

Gentile Alliance: "Penny & Garry Marshall (Italian-American siblings, real name Marshelli, both famed directors … the former starred in sitcom Laverne & Shirley and was married to Jew Rob Reiner)"
Mathilda May   (1965-) French film actress - 35C-25-35 at her peak

NO:" May was born in Paris. Her father is playwright Victor Haïm, who is of Greek and Turkish descent. Her mother is Swedish ballet teacher and choreographer Margareta Haïm." [NCW]

YES: "Daughter of Victor Haim, a Jewish-French actor" -- Am I Annoying

YES: Vic Vega Unleashed.

BUT: fr.wikipedia says: Victor is "un dramaturge français d'origine greco-turque né en 1935," confirming Dr. No.
mathilda may
Stuttering John Melendez   (1965)

Claim: Jew Watch "Stuttering John Melendezbaum - He looks as good as he talks!"

John Edward Melendez, personality on The Howard Stern Show

"His interviews were characterized by punchline-free "joke" questions, such as asking actress Melanie Griffith how her father, Andy, was."

john melendez
Allan Melvin   (1923-2008) American character actor.  
Ethel Merman Ethel Agnes Zimmermann (1908-1984)

Claim by: JewWatch Logo

| Episcopalians | Scottish Americans | mezzo-sopranos |

[ Hmmm, "Merman" is a part of "Zimmerman." ]
She was born of a German Lutheran father and Scottish Presbyterian mother, although many people long assumed she was Jewish because of her pre-stage last name (which is common among non-Jewish Germans as well, particularly when there are two "n"s at the end of the name) along with the fact that she was from New York, New York. She was raised a Protestant. -- spiritus temporis
Ethel Merman
Barry Miller   (1958) American Actor [NCW]  
Jeremy Miller   (1976) TV actor  
Tiffany Million   (1966) retired wrestler and porn star who "refuses to answer questions about her former career." [NCW]

Made porn videos from 1992 to 1994.

Suspicious REAL NAME: Sandra Lee Schwab
Liza Minnelli   () Claim: Jew Watch Singer/Actress" [NCW]  
Yves Montand   REAL NAME: Ivo Livi

(1921-1991) famous french singer, born to Italian peasants, his mother a Catholic and his father a Communist. His music career began in 1944 when Edith Piaf disccovered him.
Montand embarked on an affair with Marilyn Monroe during filming of the ill fated film Let's Make Love. He had been personally recommended by Arthur Miller (who was married to Monroe) after Miller saw him acting in a foreign movie version of his play The Crucible called Les Sorcières de Salem. Montand always expressed regret over the affair as he considered Miller a "good friend"
YES: "Jewish-Catholic" [Adherents] "son of Jewish peasants" [Britannica for Kids ] "born to Jewish peasants" [bio]
NO: [NCW] parents were "Catholic peasant farmers" [movietome]
Yves Montand
Rod Morgenstein   (1953) drummer for 1980s heavy metal band, Winger.

[ The Jew List ] [NCW]
Martin Mull   (1943)

Claim: Jew Watch
Craig T Nelson   (1944)  
Cynthia Nixon   (1966)

Sex in the City actress and real-life lesbian

According to NNDB, "Raising her children Jewish, but is not actually Jewish herself."
cynthia nixon
Shelly Novack   (1944-1978) football player who did some tv [NCW]  
Estelle Parsons   (1927) [NCW]
Gregory Peck   (1916-203) Rumor denied by Jew Watch "Raised Catholic and Not Jewish but Posed as being Jewish in Gentlemen's Agreement. Hence the Rumor"  
Bronson Pinchot   (1959)

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
True Romance (1993)

"In December 2002, Pinchot became a Freemason."

[NCW] [ Guess Who's Jewish? : this is a blank page ]
Iggy Pop James Newell Osterberg, Jr (1947) "Founding member, songwriter, and lead singer of Punk rock pioneers The Stooges, .and also solo artist."

In high school he was a drummer for the band, "The Iguanas."

[ LIST (24 March 2010) but removed from current | LIST of Jewish-American Entertainers | ]
Stephanie Powers
Stefania Zofia Federkiewicz (1942) Jennifer Hart in the 1980s television series Hart to Hart.

Polish American parents, reared in Roman Catholic religion.

Claim: Jew Watch
stephanie powers
Elvis Presley   (1935-1977)

CLAIM (1) Jew Watch: Jewish maternal great-great-grandparent [1/16th Jew]

CLAIM (2) Wikipedia List of Jewish American entertainers: "his great-great-grandmother was Jewish. Elvis had a Star of David carved into his mother’s grave. He learned the Hebrew alphabet, donated to Jewish charities, had a Rabbi as his spiritual teacher, and he wore a Chai necklace ('Life' in Hebrew) to celebrate his Jewish heritage."

CLAIM (3) Wikipedia entry on Elvis: "... one of Gladys's great-great-grandmothers was Cherokee and, according to family accounts, one of her great-grandmothers was Jewish." -- The source is Elaine Dundy's 1985 biography, Elvis and Gladys. [YET NCW]

BUT (1) Entertainer Source: "His maternal great-great-grandmother would have classified him as Jewish in Nazi Germany but not in the Jewish religion."

BUT (2) Elvis Presley (internet rumor that he had a Jewish grandmother, never been proven much less believable) -- Vince Vega Unleashed.

BUt (3) My Jewish Learning: "There will be no revelations that Elvis or Little Richard had Jewish great-great-grandmothers. Even if such ancestry could be found, it would hardly be significant. After all, rock'n'roll was not created by forgotten, long dead, great-great-grandmothers."
Artimus Pyle   ()

Gentile Alliance SAYS NO: "(Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer who was charged with molesting children and fled to Israel, he’s not Jewish but served in Vietnam with Jewish man who helped arrange his fugitive status)"
artimus pyle
Raffi Raffi Cavoukian (1948) children's entertainer [NCW]

| Canadian of Armenian descent | Canadian of Arab descent |
Robert Rauschenberg   (1925-2008)
Rauschenberg was born as Milton Ernest Rauschenberg in Port Arthur, Texas, the son of Dora and Ernest Rauschenberg. His father was of German and Cherokee ancestry and his mother of Anglo-Saxon descent.] His parents were Fundamentalist Christians. Rauschenberg studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Académie Julian in Paris, France, where he met the painter Susan Weil. In 1948 Rauschenberg and Weil decided to attend Black Mountain College in North Carolina
Martha Raye Margy Reed (1916-1994)

Parents: Irish immigrants, who had a vaudeville act, Reed and Hooper

[REFUTED at Wikipedia] : After the essaysed suicide with sleeping pills in 1956, "Well wishers gave her a St. Christopher's medal, a St. Genesius medal and a Star of David. After her recovery, she wore these faithfully, although she was neither Catholic nor Jewish."

| Blackface Performers |
martha raye
Robert Redford   (1936) Claim: Jew Watch "Actor. Describes himself as 'half Jewish'."  
Michael Richards   ()

Jewish Journal: " Michael Richards, Still Not a Jew"

Gentile Alliance: "Michael Richards (plays “Kramer” on Seinfeld, is not Jewish but no one knows what his exact ethnicity is)"
michael richards
Patricia Richardson   (1951-) actress/Home Improvement [NCW]  
Alan Rickman   (1946-) Hans Gruber in Die Hard
"(British actor, son of Irish Catholic immigrants)"
Molly Ringwald

Claim: Jew Watch "Brat Pack Actress"
Lee Rocker Leon Drucker rockabilly double bass player
Mr. Rogers Fred McFeely Roberts (1928-2003) , Presbterian minister

Claim: Jew Watch "TV star... plays with little kids "
Ida Roland. Ida Klausner (1884-1951) Austrian/German actress who married Richard Nikolaus, Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), an architect of the New World Order.

Linda Ronstadt   (1946-) | LIST (24 March 2010) BUT NOT CURRENT |
singer and record producer known as “The First Lady of Rock”, who is one of music’s most commercially successful female singers, and earned multiple Grammy Awards, two Academy of Country Music awards, an Emmy Award, an ALMA Award, numerous United States and internationally certified gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums, in addition to Tony Award and Golden Globe nominations.
Wikipedia loves buffonish faux-titles like "First Lady of X."
linda ronstadt
Mickey Rooney Joseph Yule, Jr. ()

His father, Joe Jule, Sr. (1892-1950) was born Ninnian Joseph Ewell. He was a vaudeville comedian who played in the "Jiggs and Maggie" film series.

Mickey's mother: Nellie W. Carter from Kansas City

| Blackface Performers |
Sydne Rome   (1951)

Claim: Jew Watch Logo ["Sydney Rome- Famous Actress"]
Rick Salomon   (1968) the son of a former executive vice president at Warner Bros., Robert Jess Salomon.

In 2004, a sex tape made by him and Paris Hilton made its way to the Internet, despite his feeble protests.

For the title of the video, see 10cc.

[NCW] [Vince Vega Unleashed]

[Jewish refers to him as "Jewish film producer Rick Salomon."]
Rick Salomon
Roy Scheider   (1932-2008) Police Chief Martin Brody in Jaws (1975).

"Scheider's mother was of Irish Catholic background and his father was German American and Protestant."
Doc Severinsen   (1927)

Claim: Jew Watch Logo ["Doc Severenson - Tonight Show"]
Andrew Shue   (1967)

"Actor (Melrose Place), brother of Elisabeth Shue (Jewish father, not raised Jewish)"

[NCW] [Claimed at Adherents. com]
Elisabeth Shue   (1963-) "She turned down the role of Deborah Gelly in Sergio Leone's final film, Once Upon a Time in America, preferring to make her film debut in The Karate Kid."

Married to Al Gore film director, Davis Guggenheim.

[Claimed at Adherents. com]


NationMaster: "US actress, sister of Andrew Shue (Jewish father, not raised Jewish)"
elisabeth shue
Frank Silvera   (1914-1970) actor [Also a Director]
Because of his appearance, and possibly because of his surname (which connoted a Portuguese Jewish heritage), Silvera was cast in a wide variety of ethnic roles in film, and was cast without regards to his color in the theater.
[father All Experts ]
Richard Simmons   (1948) Milton Teagle Simmons

Richard Simmons was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Simmons was born to show business parents and raised Catholic in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended Cor Jesu High School (now Brother Martin High School). He was obese throughout his adolescence and by the time he graduated from high school, he weighed 321 pounds.

Claim: Jew Watch  Logo ["Live-it, health guru"]
Siouxsie Sioux Susan Janet Ballion (1957), singer for British punk/goth band Siouxie and the Banshees

In Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984, Simon Reynolds writes about a song lyric once sung by Siouxsie Sioux, “Too many Jews for my liking.” -- Texas Liberal Blog

A blogger said, "Siouxsie Sioux is Jewish. She has also wrote/sung pro-Judaism music such as her 1981 hit, Israel." [NCW]
siouxsie sue[wiki]
Red Skelton   (1913-1997)

Claim: Jew Watch Logo
Slash   (1965-) British-born guitarist for Guns N' Roses
Mother is Nigerian; father said to be Jewish
It seems too weird to be true: dubiously deemed all-time guitar great Slash is often listed as a member of the tribe.

Well, he's not. His father is gentile, his mother is black, not Jewish as rumored. So we shouldn't expect any performances of "Sweet Mensch O' Mine," "Nisan Rain" or "Live and Let's Go Get A Nosh" at any upcoming Guns N' Roses reunion concerts

Hey, it could be worse. At least he's not pretending to be an English Jew like Madonna.

Verdict: Not a Jew. -- Jew Or Not Jew.
Leland Sklar   (1947) American session bassist with a trademark long beard.

[ The Jew List ] [NCW]
leland sklar
Willie "The Lion" Smith William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholoff Smith (1893–1973) [father]

American jazz pianist, master of the stride style
Soul Coughing   New York alt rock band (1992-2000) founded by

Sissy Spacek   (1949) Actress, debut in Badlands (1973), nudity debut in Carrie (1976), Her first cousin is actor Rip Torn, who was married to Geraldine Page until she died.

For a while, she sang and played guitar in many of the Greenwich Village coffeehouses, eventually landing some paying work singing commercial jingles. In late 1968, using the pseudonym of "Rainbo", Spacek recorded a novelty song titled "John, You've Gone Too Far This Time" which proclaimed her disillusionment and shock over John Lennon, who on the cover of his newest album Two Virgins appeared in full-frontal nudity with his then-girlfriend Yoko Ono, shocking many fans. The single did not appear on the record charts and failed to sell well, so she was dropped by the record company.

Claim: Jew Watch
Spyro Gyra   Jazz fusion band formed in 1979 by
All are [NCW] [ Great Jewish Rock Stars ]
Arnold Stang   (1918-2009) [NCW]  
Ringo Starr   Jew Watch "Richard Starkey - Former Beatle" (1940-)

"Starr described himself as 'your basic offbeat drummer with funny fills,' technically limited by being a left-handed person playing a right-handed kit."
Rod Steiger      (1925-2002)

Claim: Jew Watch ["actor (Oscar Winner) Jewish?"]

NationMaster Prominent Jews : "US actor (biological father Jewish)"
once married to Claire Bloom (! the Beauty and the Beast)

(1925-2002) [NCW]
Steve Stevens Steven Schneider (1959) american guitarist and songwriter
[ The Jew List ] [NCW]
Shirley Stoler   (1929-1999) actress who played villainesses [NCW] [ All Experts ]  
Mark Steyn   (1959) pundit and music enthusiast who writes about Broadway show tunes, the Great American Songbook, and Islamization.
He was baptized a Catholic and later confirmed in the Anglican Church; he has stated that "the last Jewish female in my line was one of my paternal great-grandmothers" and that "both my grandmothers were Catholic". Steyn's great-aunt was artist Stella Steyn, [who is an |Irish Jew |].
He has no relation to Jule Styne, whom he often writes about. He has dozens of essays on American songs, but there is no listing of them.

At 1/8th Jew, he has more claim than many here. [NCW]
mark steyn
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jonathan Taylor Weiss (1981) Home Improvement

OLDER WIKIPEDIA: "Thomas is of part Portuguese, German, and Jewish ancestry.He has a brother named Joel Thomas Weiss, whose middle name he adopted as his pseudonym, in order to avoid confusion with an existing actor named Jonathan Weiss."

CURRENT WIKIPEDIA: "Thomas is of Portuguese and Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry."

Doug Tracht   (1950) The Greaseman - radio shock jock
In 1985, while with WWDC in Washington, Tracht made an on-air crack about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, celebrating the life and accomplishments of MLK, Jr., saying, "Why don't we plug four more and get the whole week off?" followed by, "Come on, now, you know I don't mean nothing!"
[What does he have that Don Imus didn't?] [NCW]
Artie Traum   (1943-2008) master guitarist. He and his brother, Happy, formed a duo in the early '60s, managed by Albert Grossman.

[NCW] [ Great Jewish Rock Stars ]
Liv Tyler   (1977-) Actress

daughter of Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell, a Playboy Playmate (Miss November, 1974) and famously brought up to believe that her father was Todd Rundgren, until, at age nine, she found out different.

"Buell's alleged reason for the initial decision was that Steven was too heavily addicted to drugs at the time of her birth."

Claim: Jew Watch  Logo
Steven Tyler   (1948)

SUSPICIUS REAL NAME: Stephen Victor Tallarico

Claim: Jew Watch  Logo
Juan Valdez

Claim: Jew Watch  Logo ["Columbian coffee guy (born John Feldenstein)"]

Wikipedia: Initially portrayed by José F. Duval in print advertisements and on television until 1969, and since then, played by Carlos Sánchez and voiced by Norman Rose. After 2006, the actor will be Carlos Castañeda.
juan valdez
Jean Claude Van Damme Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (1960-) born in Brussels

[NCW] | People with bipolar disorder |
Eddie Vedder Edward Louis Stevenson III (1964)

Claim: Jew Watch "Lead Vocalist for Pearl Jam"
Herb Vigran   (1910-1986) character actor [NCW] [ All Experts ]  
Nancy Walker   (1922-1992)
"Nancy Walker (May 10, 1922 – March 25, 1992) was an American actress. She was sometimes mistaken for being Jewish, but she was not Jewish." -- ebay.
nancy walker
Charlie Watts   (1941)

Claim: Religious Affiliation of Rock Musicians: Charlie Watts (Jewish)

But: Gentile Alliance: "Charlie Watts (drummer of Rolling Stones, very ugly but not Jewish)"
Johnny Weissmuller

Johann Peter Weissmüller
  (1904-1984) "Son of German-speaking parents of Roman Catholic and Jewish background."

Champion swimmer and movie Tarzan #6, starting in 1932.

Married five times.

He is among the stars on the third row of the Sgt. Pepper cover.

johnny weissmuller
swimming (1924) at [wiki]
Jane Wiedlin   (1958-) US member of band The Go-Gos.

Claim: Jew Watch ["Jane Wiedland - Member of the Go-Gos"]

[NCW] says: "we can simply find no reason why they would have been listed as "Jewish", referring to Wiedlin and Leonardo da Vinci.
jane wiedlin
Patricia Wettig   (1951) Claim: Jew Watch ["actress- Thirtysomething"]  
Robin Williams   ()
Jew Watch Logo"Actor (Said he was Jewish on 'Oprah' possibly as a joke or in referring to a movie role); he is probably of Christian descent. According to Adherents, Williams gravitated to Jewish friends in school and attended 14 bar mitzvahs as an 'honorary Jew'. His parents were descended from the English Welsh, and Irish (father) and French (mother). Robin Williams plays many Jewish roles. Try Wikipedia for more information for starters if you are that interested."
Gentile Alliance agrees with Jew Watch: Not Jewish
Bruce Willis   ()

Gentile Alliance: "Bruce Willis (born in Germany to non-Jewish American serviceman and German mother, speaks fluent German and also Lutheran)"
Justin Wilson   () Claim:Jew Watch ["Mais, Cher, ANOTHER famous Cajun"]  
Kirk Windstein   (1965) English-American sludge metal singer and guitarist for the bands Crowbar, Down, and Kingdom of Sorrow.

[ The Jew List ] [NCW]
kirk windstein
Ferbicus at [ wiki ]
Kip Winger   (1961) singer for Winger, intermittently on and off from 1987 to the present.


[ The Jew List: (Winger singer/bassist, relative of Debra Winger) ]
Natalie Wood Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko (1938-1951)

[NCW] {Havel's House of History]
Kari Wührer   () Kari Samantha Wührer aka Kari Salin, Kari Salin-Wührer

Claim: Jew Watch Logo "MTV hostess, B movie actress and hot piece of ass"

2003's King of the Ants contains Kari Wuhrer's first nude scenes after removal of her implants.

Americans of Cherokee descent
Kari Wuhrer
"Weird Al" Yankovic   ()

Gentile Alliance: "Weird Al Yankovic (Serbian/Italian known for song parodies)"
Paula Zahn   ()

After nine years at CBS News, she joined Fox News Channel (FNC) and got her own prime time program, but two years later, she left FNC for CNN after secret negotiations in breach of her contract. A New York State Supreme Court judge threw out the suit FNC filed against her agent .
Zahn had a 20-year marriage to Richard Cohen, the New York City real estate developer who tried to remove the nest of the Pale Male from their co-op building in 2004. But she never converted.

Verdict: Not a Jew - Jew Or Not Jew.
Paula Zahn
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John Wilkes Booth (1838-1868) member of the 19th century Booth theatrical family from Maryland
The elder Booth in every land was a sojourner, as all his fathers were. Of Hebrew descent, and by a line of actors, he united in himself that strong Jewish physiognomy which, in its nobler phases, makes all that is dark and beautiful, and the combined vagrancy of all men of genius and all men of the stage. Fitful, powerful, passionate, his life was a succession of vices and triumphs. He mastered the intricate characters of dramatic literature by intuition, rather than by study, and produced them with a vigor and vividness which almost passed the depicting of real life. -- from The Life, Crime, and Capture of John Wilkes Booth by George Alfred Townsend
Tracked down and killed by Union soldiers

[H/T: Christopher Jon Bjerknes, "Denial is the Eighth Stage of Genocide."]

john wilkes booth
Adam Weishaupt    (1748-1830) As founder of the "Order of Perfectibilists" (May 1, 1776), he reserved the neatest nom de guerre for himself, "Brother Spartacus." [NCW]  
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Hy Berkawitz - Owner of Rogers in Grand Rapids MI    
Jim Bradley - Dog Trainer    
Mark Dixon - Counts cars in Nissan in Sunderland, UK    
Jennifer Doctorovich - theater actress in Houston ,Texas    
Natalio Finkelstein - famous violinist in tango orchestras- Argentina    
Matt Fraiberg - owner Guardian Alarm    
Scarlett Levine -- Huggies Commercial Star    
Jeffrey Maier - World Series Yankee Hero - Jewish Boy, 12, Who Deflected a Home Run [NCW]
Yaki Margulies - Well known artist in sea-town
Justin Miller -- first male to receive breast implant    
Seth Polzer -- famous shepherd from Isreal    
Laura Shaff - Bon Vivant, Girl About Town    
Sam Wolff - Mayor Elect/Atlanta (Rabbi Cheamcheese)    
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